Airotec Super Turbo 1000

Airotec Turbo Sprayers

This is our latest product in the air blast sprayer category for global vineyards and orchards. It has a multipurpose application like spraying, dipping and thinning.


1) Rear Air conveyor: Highest air output with perfect air balancing and Lowest Power consumption.
2) Compact tank: HDPE .10 mm wall thickness. 4 Compartments. Compact size tank with Dual water tube level indicator
3) Cross Agitation: High-pressure jet for uniform chemical mixing. thus maintain equal chemical concentration throughout spraying.
4) 3-way Adjustable tyre: Track width, Height and Tyre position adjustment.
5) Safety Devices: Innova rubber coupling reduces vibration and jerk coming from the tractor. Pressure relief valve Automatically open at 40 bar pressure to protect the pump from excessive pressure damage.

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Salient Features

  • Tank – 1000L
  • Pump – 75 lpm Diaphragm pump
  • SS Shell Assembly
  • Gearbox – 2speed + neutral
  • Nozzles – 12 / 14 + 4 Handguns
  • Fan – 616 mm / 712 mm
  • Hand Wash Tank 20ltr / Rinse Tank 70ltr

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