Potato Hunter


High quality farm machinery for new emerging markets. Mitra develops new machines to serve farmer growing ‘High Value Crop’ like fruits and vegetables. Potato Hunter does digging, cleaning,transportation,and filling in one go without expensive self propelled equipment. “designed to significantly reduce manual labour requirement, double daily harvesting productivity, and reduce on farm harvesting losses”

Salient Features

  • All conveyor parts are powered by hydraulic circuit making it more reliable and less noisy. Independent hydraulic circuit for each conveyor use minimum tractor hydraulics.
  • Machine can work with tractors of lower powers. Making it more versatile.
  • Machine is available with baggage platform. Machine can be provided with 4th conv. which allows user to transfer potatoes directly in to the trailer.
  • Machine is connected to tractor 3 point link making it more agile.
  • The conveyor system is provided with rubber padding which protects potatoes from any damage. It can also work with variety of potatoes.

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