Pomemaster Rocket ++

MITRA designs and manufactures world class Orchard and vineyard Sprayers. These sprayers can be trailed or mounted on tractors thus being recognized as tractor trailed sprayers/tractor mounted sprayers. Air Blast technology is being used in these sprayers to provide sufficient air output for Grape orchards/vineyards. Air blast sprayers produce mist of fine droplet sizes which are optimized for delivery of plant protection and plant enhancement chemicals. Thus they are also recognized as Mist blowers. MITRA uses axial fans specially suited for different sizes of canopy and air Assisted Sprayer technology works as atomizer and provided complete coverage.


Pomemaster Rocket ++, as the name suggests, is an air blast sprayer specially developed for Pomegranates farms. It is one of its kind, tractor mounted sprayer which can easily work on 24 HP and above tractor. It easily provides highest output of 27,664m3/hr on 24 HP tractor. Compact, lightweight, quality designs are its hallmarks. The reverse fan system helps to avoid the suction of leaves, grass and mulching residuals from the ground. The computer balanced fan comes with counter veins and equalizer cone technology that ensures uniform air output. This results in evenly sized export quality yield.



Salient Features

  • Single person can easily handle.
  • After Sales service and spare parts are available reasonable rates
  • Useful for Pomegranate
  • Auto water suction up till 8 feet.

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